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Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation

Providing direction and financial support to sustainable, community based humanitarian programs around the world.

A non-profit organization

Alex Lowe was not only perhaps the greatest alpinist of his time, he was also a man who had a remarkable impact on many of the people indigenous to the high mountain regions where his expeditions took him. His sheer enthusiasm for adventure and compassion for the difficult lives led by these people stands as a continuing inspiration for those who knew and admired Alex.

The Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation, Inc. (referred to by its initials "ALCF") is dedicated to preserving his legacy by providing direction and financial support to sustainable, community based humanitarian programs which are designed to help the people who live in these remote regions of the world.

This tremendous opportunity to help others through the ALCF is one I endorse with great enthusiasm. - Conrad Anker

The ALCF was created shortly after Alex's death by his wife, Jennifer Lowe. It is a not for profit corporation based in Jenni and Alex's home state of Montana. The Foundation will soon be applying for status as a tax deductible entity pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The ALCF is a rare opportunity for the rest of us to honor a great husband, father and climber - and carry on his legacy of touching the lives of people in remote and beautiful places. The spirit of Alex Lowe did not die on his last expedition and it is up to the rest of us to carry it forward. - Tom Brokaw, NBC News

The first project for the ALCF is already underway! The board of directors is working hard to bring an outdoor education program to Mongolia in August 2000. Working with the assistance of the Alpine Club of Mongolia, the Mongolian National Park Service, and at least one or two internationally prominent climbers, the ALCF will help organize and provide initial funding for the project. The program will expose Mongolian youth to their own rich culture and tradition in such outdoor activities as horsemanship and archery, as well as promoting interest in rock climbing and mountaineering.

In the future, the ALCF will continue to work to create new programs to assist and improve the lives of the people who live in the remote areas of the world which are sought out by explorers and adventurers like Alex. It will also fund programs which meet these goals which are sponsored and managed by other organizations. These efforts will likely include supporting school construction, the development of health care facilities and other types of social service assistance.

Alex Lowe was blessed with unique gifts: the ability to climb the world's most challenging peaks, and the capability to connect with, and love, the people he met in some of the most remote areas of the world. His foundation will carry on his spirit of adventure, and most importantly, his spirit of love.

Iqaqrialu, tribal elder and great Inuit hunter, looked into his heart and called him "Inutiavaluk" - `he who is really good man'.

Many thousant Angrezi (white men) climbers pass my village every year. But none stop. Alex did. He asked permission to visit our land in our old Balti tradition. Our Mullah, Sher Takhi, blessed him. May Allah Almighty bless his family. They have refuge in my home forever. - Haji Ali, Pakistan

Mr Alex was not a Sahib, but our Balti Brother. - Ali Kahn, Pakistan

Thanks to movies, we, Russians and Americans, have been somewhat prejudiced against each other. When I heard an American team was to be our neighbor on the Trango Tower, I must admit I did not feel any elation. It turned out, I was a wet blanket. Alex met us with an open heart, with such warmth that I felt ashamed of my earlier thoughts. After his death, we poured vodka and drank to peace of his soul, as our time-honored tradition tells. Alex was a champion of peace. - Alexander Odinstov, St. Petersburg


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